"A portrait is not made in the camera but on two sides of it" And Renjith Madhavan is one such artist. For him it is his eyes that stimulate all his photographic poems. It is indeed truly poetic, a classic chain reaction where his insight transforms to ordinary into extraordinary, he feels it with his soul and touches it with his heart, a magnificent splash of colours. This skillful photographer is always in look out for views, that stop him on his tracks and leave him breathless. It opened his heart, broadened his mind and filled his life with hues and tangible memories snapshot. At fourteen, he made a sixteen days travell alone through the southindian states. his passion for travel was hightened when he kept an eye onthe outdoors day and night. that scenic route was his first experience. catching and memorising those sights in his mind's sketch pad, and freezing it to reminiscent. Renjith leads the search for the fullness of satisfaction through the language of his own life without following anyone else. what draws him closer to photography is the zeal of the mind to keep memories as vivid images. Renjith Madhavan become a photographer because of his passion for capturing sights, the nature, culture, and lives he saw were kept in his collection. He, who continues to be a journalist, can be seen in the color and shadows of nature in news drawn by words. this photographer is finding signs of abstract art in views.

Presently  RENJITH is  Local correspondent in  MATHRUBHUMI

PHONE : 9846 026 508 / 7012 150 276
EMAIL: [email protected]
whatsapp: 9846026508.