"A picture is worth a thousand words"

Speaking more eloquently than any combination of words they evoke genuine feelings in the viewer that connet them to the image. Photography thus took its vital role in my journalistic career. Slowly it became an inevitable part of my life .The treasured moments of my life stood still as tangible links to the past. My colleagues who are interested in photography made me to find a snap from all the visuals that we come across. I believe, they were the people who ignited the skills of Photography within me. The images created by Shadows conquered my camera though photography is an art of light.The blend of wind water and light in the ripples unravelled the infinities of an art more real beyond the reality of sights. I wander along the river banks, chasing the unique sketches of sunrays and named it as hydro art. Shadows of wind filtered through the leaves floating in the canvas splashed thoughts across my mind. My camera tried to still the wavering, and captured only a few eloquent images strewn by sunbeam the unmatched artist of nature. May I display these photographs outwardly abstruse before your freedom of imagination!!!" SHWAS",my photographic expedition takes a new turn unveiling the imperceptible hydrart..

Expert Speak

Dr.Unni Krishnan Pulikkal

Director, PhotoMuse - The Museum of Photography

Nandakumar Moodadi

Photographer - Academic Director, PhotoMuse


Senior Chief News Photographer , MATHRUBHUMI


Blessed I feel as you took deviation from your schedule to sail along with some of my visual voyage. Happier I would be if you could light up my photographic path ahead by sharing with me the impressions it left, the feelings it evoked, the language it communicated and of course your valuable suggestions for my proposed expeditions...